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Welcome: Fortschritt Qingdao Agritech Ltd.
Language: Chinese ∷  English

K838 High Density Baler Machine

1. Processing silage with high bale density and high bale bundling rate
2. The bales can be directly transported to the trailer to save labor cost
3. Low maintenance cost and long service life
4. The bales can be delivered to the trailer through parallel chute system or the baler machine can be directly connected with the trailer through straight chute system, save another tractor cost


The smaller model of our high-density-baler, the K838, has been on the market since 2016. Robust, manoeuvrable, powerful. Due to its slim design, the K838 high-density-baler can also be used optimally on small, angled surfaces. With a channel dimension of 36x46 cm, it is compatible with various bale collecting machines. Easy control & running for a smooth operation. If you have any questions, such as the operation, technology, use or manufacturing, please contact us. We will try to answer all inquiries as soon as possible and inform you about the latest developments.


  • Air-impregnated feeler wheel for ground coping

  • Wide angle gel shaft with freewheel

  • Attachment by means of pull claw / towing eye

  • Ball counting device: electronic


Dimension   Mass1450 kg
Length Working position6100 mm
Wide transport position2500 mm
Working height1650 mm
Height transport position1650 mm
Working width1800 mm
Track width2170 mm
Tractor power25 - 45 kw


Working principleStraight thrust piston
Channel cross-section360 x 460 mm
Number of strokes86 min ˉ 1
Bale length400 - 1200 mm (infinitely adjustable)


System Deering 2-fold thread binding
Binding material

Polypropylene, running length ≤ 400 m / kg

Tensile load (N) ≥ 1000 

Roller dimensions D x H = 230 x 250 mm


  • Sisal, running length ≤ 200 m / kg 

  • Tensile load ≥ 1000 N 

  • Roller dimensions D x H = 230 x 250 mm

NOTE: Setting the binding device for alternative binding materials!   

PTO shaft speed540 min ˉ1
Working speed in1.5 - 8 km / h
Transport speed inmax. 25 km / h
Wheels / tires 10.0 / 75-15.3 AW 701 PR 6 holes
Harvesting capacity / h (wheat straw)6 t - 8 t


  • Loading-chute, straight with trailer coupling and towed cable

  • Main wear part set - small

  • Main wear part set - big 



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Contact: Johnny

Phone: +86-18561990153

Tel: +86-0532-88560706

Email: johnny@www.bmnbk.com

Add: Changjiang 3rd road, Jimo, Qingdao, China

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